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SystemRoMedic™ – TopSheet:

A combined turning device and incontinence protection

TopSheet is used together with a stationary or mobile lift to avoid heavy manual handling when turning a user.

TopSheet is used for incontinent, bedridden users who must be turned often. TopSheet is also an excellent aid when you need to hold a heavy user in a lateral position, for instance when assisting with personal hygiene or dressing wounds. TopSheet is also very suitable when a nervous, demented user in palliative care needs turning, as the process is calm and gentle and the load is spread over the entire body area.

TopSheet is made of a super-absorbent material. The surface always feels dry to lie on, which helps prevent pressure sores. The underside has a PU-coated moisture-resistant membrane that prevents moisture from spreading further down to the sheets and mattress.

TopSheet is available in different versions, with or without friction-reducing material (ULF) on the reverse, and in several sizes. Depending on the risk assessment, the different versions are to be placed on top of different types of materials.

  • The surface is soft and yielding brushed polyester for maximum user comfort.
  • Super-absorbent surface material absorbs body fluids.
  • A moisture barrier on the reverse side prevents moisture from being transferred to the sheet and mattress.
  • TopSheet consists of two parts. The lower part is easy to change.
  • Strong straps and clips for attachment around the sling bar or in the bed rail.
  • TopSheet satisfies high hygiene requirements and is washable at 90°C/190°F.



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Vending i seng Vending i seng Forebygge trykksår Forebygge trykksår
Art. no. 1510 1515 1520 1511  
Beskrivelse With friction-reducing material (ULF) on the underside. To be placed on top of 1593, 1594 (Mattress cover) or WendyLett. With friction-reducing material (ULF) on the underside. To be placed on top of 1593, 1594 (Mattress cover) or WendyLett. Can also be placed directly on top of an ordinary bed sheet. To be placed on top of 1590 (TurnSheet and Mattress cover) or WendyLett + WendyLett4Way 1510+1593. Complete with Mattress cover (TurnSheet)
HMS art.nr. 46594 35730
TechSpec_Units 1 stk 1 stk 1 stk 1 sett
Lengde 200 cm 155 cm 144 cm 200 cm
Bredde 160 cm 140 cm 140 cm 160 cm
Safe working load 300 kg 250 kg 250 kg 300 kg


Stikklakenet WendyLett4Way er grå og hvitrutete. Kombinasjonen gjør det enkelt å hjelpe brukeren med forflytning både sideveis og høyere opp i seng.


Glidelaken ment for brukere som har vanskeligheter med å snu seg i seng og et underliggende glidelaken for WendyLett2Way og WendyLett4Way.