Vedlikehold av løfteseil

Quality and environment certification

Handicare AB is quality and environment-certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. Handicare AB is continuously and actively working to secure and develop the quality and the environmental thinking within the company.

Handicare AB strives to ensure that all textile products in SystemRoMedic™ are Ökotex certified, which ensures that they do not contain any health-hazardous substances in dangerous concentrations.

Tested and approved products

The assistive devices manufactured by Handicare AB are of top-quality and fulfill established standards for these types of medical- and healthcare aids. All of our assistive devices are CE-marked and many are patented. All of our assistive devices comply with the requirements of the directives for medical-technical Class 1 products (MDD 93/42/EEC).

Functional materials

ULF™ (Ultra Low Friction) is the registered trademark for Handicare AB's sliding material which is used to achieve extremely low friction in, for example, sliding mats.

Disposable materials
Handicare's SystemRoMedic™ range offers an increasing selection of personal transfer aids for short-term use. Instead of being cleaned, the product is discarded after use, when it gets soiled or when the user no longer needs it. This prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of contagious bacteria.

Protective covers
Most sizes of EasySlide can be fitted with a replaceable protective cover, which is made of polyester and can easily be cleaned. Most sizes of EasySlide and RollerSlide can also be fitted with disposable covers, made of bio-degradable polyethylene, which provide for even further improved hygiene and less laundry.

Laundering instructions

Laundry, cleaning and reconditioning of assistive devices is a prerequisite for hygiene and safety as well as for prevention of infection spreading. General information on how to care for our products can be found hereunder. For more detailed information, please read the instructions on the product labels. Our products are continuously being developed and improved, which is why we reserve the right to make changes in products without prior notice.

Textile products
All of our textile manual devices can be washed in 60-80°C/140-176°F water and tumbler-dried at low temperature. Low temperature for tumbler-drying is 45-50°C/104-120°F. Do not use rinse/fabric softener and avoid tumbler-drying for optimal service life. If disinfection is needed, 70 % ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar should be used.

All of our textile lifting slings can be washed in 60-85°C/140-185°F water and tumbler-dried at low temperature.

WendyLett, WendyLean, TopSheet and IncoSheet can be washed in 60-90°C/140-194°F water and tumbler-dried.

Plastic products
The surface of the product can be cleaned with warm water or a soap solution. If disinfection is needed, 70 % ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar should be used.

Mobile and stationary lifts
If necessary, clean the lift with warm water or a soap solution and check that the castors are free from dirt and hair. Do not use cleaning agents containing phenol or chlorine, as this could damage the aluminium and the plastic materials. If disinfection is needed, 70 % ethanol, 45 % isopropanol or similar should be used.


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