Periodisk ettersyn av løfteseil

Different situations and users require lifting slings with different designs, made from different materials. Common requirements, however, are that the lifting sling must always be simple, easy to use and durable.

Simplicity is comfort
We love easy transfers, and when developing lifting slings and other accessories for patient lifts, we always aim at finding the best materials and the simplest solutions, for both users and caregivers. Our close contact with users and caregivers also contributes to making our products so simple and easy to use, as well as safe and comfortable.

All SystemRoMedic™ lifting slings feature a safe and carefully considered design. They are characterized by an exceptionally good fit and functionality, as well as many practical, but no unnecessary, features. All details on the lifting slings are placed precisely where they provide the most benefit, without being in the way for either the user or the caregiver.

Quality ensures safety and good economy
Quality is a keyword that describes all SystemRoMedic™ assistive devices, and our lifting slings are no exception. They are made to last, and to carry heavy loads for a long, long time.

• Durable fabrics with maximum service life
• Strong seams, reinforced in strategic places
• Strong edging for better wear
• All belts and fasteners are strong, safe and easy to adjust
• Fabrics that are easy to care for and withstand laundering at high temperatures
• Disposable material for short-term use prevents the spread of infectious diseases

Don’t hesitate to put our lifting slings to a rigorous test from time to time to ensure that they are still in good condition!

On this website you will find more information on functional testing of our assistive devices. And hereunder you can download our aid to periodic inspection. It will help you with quality assurance and documentation of functional testing and safety assessments of lifting slings.

Periodic inspection  
Download printable PDF